About Me

Making fresh bread and winning spelling bees: those are about the only two mentionable things I’ve ever been good at doing. I have mediocre skills in several things that don’t earn money, like being online a lot, nursing an addiction to bath and beauty products and making up excuses to leave the house. I need to find a calling in life because, like most people, I don’t really like to work. I have heard rumors that when you find your true calling in life, the line blurs between work and play: that’s what I want out of life.

I am scared of Jello, blue food and processed meat. I like to make fun of insipid pop music. I’d like to find the people responsible for the majority of TV programming and club them over the head until they make something more intelligent. I have a surprisingly deep interest in gang stories for a white girl in the suburbs.

In all seriousness, I think keeping secrets is toxic. I will keep the confidence when friends trust me with their secrets, but I generally don’t hide the details of my life. If we all told the truths about our lives I think we would understand each other better.


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