Get a job, slob

50 statistics about the US economy present quite the picture when viewed in combination.

Some might say that the bad situation is limited to Michigan, or that it’s a recent development, but this Washington Post article shows that there was actually very little job growth at all in the past decade.

What I don’t understand is that so many people still say that if people need help, they should “just get a job.” There is a relatively recent trend to defend the corporations no matter what they do, even as they take away all the jobs. Employers have no loyalty to their employees anymore, the gap between rich and poor is wider than at any point since the Great Depression, and yet people still defend the rights of the employers and the rich above those of the workers. Somehow it feels like everyone has been swindled into participating in and defending the forces that are making it harder to succeed.

If people don’t even agree that there’s a problem, how can the problem be fixed?


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  1. Margie

    Ah, those are depressing. (plays like an ostrich)

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