The Penguin and the Clam

This was too awesome not to share. I am reposting it with the permission of the author, who happens to be my 9-year-old son Adam. I think the social justice teachings in our house are sinking in, what do you think?

The Penguin and the Clam
One day in a coral reef by the island country of Japalania, the absolute richest was Penguin. He had $500,000. One day two poor animals, Goldfish and Clam, were in town. Penguin came up to them and said: “If you can beat me in a race you get all my money but if you lose, you lose all your money.”
“Ok,” they said.
They planned the map. Cleverly Clam made the route by a school of fish. On race day, it started bad for Goldfish and Clam, but when the school of fish came by, Penguin feasted.
By the time he was done, Goldfish and Clam crossed the finish line.
They donated all to charity.
Moral: Greed loses all your goods.


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